Larry & Patsy Vail - your hosts at Vail Wine Shop

We have outdoor seating on our patio,

and on our Wateside!! We offer small

plates, wine & even beer & cider by the

glass and bottle!! We are able to offer

even more discounts and specials to our

members, SO NOW is a great time to join us!  Don't miss out on ANY benefits!!



Get out of your rut - try some new wines.....all Washington...  all hand picked..... and enjoyed by us first!


it's FUN to belong &

it's FREE to join... no fee

just commit to at least a bottle a month!


Here's how it works…


Pick one or more of the price categories below...             

Decide if you want red, white, or both....

one bottle a month gets you in the club!!

or choose as many as you want....

you can even alternate -

          red one month - white the next.


Then, stop by our shop....

Give us a call - 360-632-2227, OR

Sign up Here....  


Then, we simply charge your credit card the discounted price for your wine selection(s), by the 10th of each month, and email you a receipt. 

~Your wine can be shipped to you or stored safely for you until you pick it up!



  • Monthly Pick-up-party-FREE member tasting!  
  • Commit to 1 or more bottles each month - save at least 10%!
  • 15% discount on any case                                                       
  • 10% discount on four or more bottles                                                 
  • $1 discount on any glasse of wine
  • NO corkage fee on bottle shared at Vail Wine Shop                         
  • Member discounts on ALL events!
  • Exclusive discounts on limited production wines
  • $2 discount on our daily "wine tastings"...



                       the SAVER
Red or White – $15-$20
Save your special occasion wines… enjoy these great value wines every day!

                       the FAN
Red or White - $25-$30
A step up… A more complex wine. Lots of really nice choices at this level!

                   the COLLECTOR -
Red only - $40-$50
A special wine to enjoy now or cellar for your next special occasion.

                  the CELLAR RAT
Red only - $55 & up...
You know what to do…. Lay these bad boys down!!


          the QUARTERLY Shipper


$$ Customized - 3-12 bottles shipped Quarterly -

Use the categories above and create your customized shipment...



SIGN UP NOW!!  Wine-of-the-Month Club



with Vail Wine Club Members..

October 9-12, 2016